Three Challenges for Your Teenage This Summer


During summer vacation from school, some teenagers like to sit around and text with their friends. But, summer is the best time for a teen to learn a new skill or start a new project. So, it’s up to parents to encourage their teen to learn or start something new during the summer. Look at some ideas to suggest to your teenager.

Learn to Ride a Horse

If your teen likes horses, he or she may want to learn how to ride a horse. There are many owners of stables and barns that provide riding lessons for beginners. Teens can learn how to control a horse while relaxing and having a fun ride. Once your teen becomes confident on a horse, he or she may want to try a trail riding class. This is where a few students take their horses into the woods to ride the trails and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature on horseback. Teens who learn how to ride a horse also learn how to groom, feed and generally care for a horse. This could be an invaluable summer activity for your teen.

Learn a Swim Stroke

Maybe your teen knows how to swim but is interested in learning some new swim strokes. Learning to swim the breaststroke or flip turn swimming can help to strengthen a teen’s muscles and get him or her in better shape over the summer. Plus, it would be a pleasure to practice swim strokes in the cool water especially on humid, summer afternoons.

Read a Certain Number of Books

Challenging teenagers to read a certain number of books over the summer can help them to improve their vocabulary and get them acquainted with new authors. Perhaps you can suggest your teen read five to seven books per month. Parents may want to take a look at the reading list for next school year and suggest that their teen add some of those titles to their summer reading. That way, your teen could be ahead of their classmates on some of the reading they will do for school in the autumn.

Lastly, these are three ideas to suggest to your teen. Thinking about what your teen is interested in can help you and your child come up with some great challengesperfect for the summertime.