Wow Adults and Children Alike With a Marvelous Magic Mug


Everyone loves magic and if it is in a coffee mug, more the merrier. Yes, color-changing coffee mugs are the rage in the market and both adults and kids are going crazy over them.

Innovative Ways to Use Marvelous Magic Mugs

Let us look at some ways to use these marvelous magic mugs in an interesting manner.

  1. Get your children to gulp their milk in these marvelous magic mugs

The holidays are coming and children are bursting with energy to go out and play all day.  They don’t even want to drink their cup of milk which give them their daily dose of calcium. How to get these sprightly kids to gulp down a glass of milk both morning and night?

Simple! Gift them a marvellous magic mug and watch them in their whole glass of milk slowly while watching the colour change or the pattern emerge from the magic mug a the milk is poured into it. This colour-changing quality appeals to kids and makes these mugs their favourites.

  1. Elders need some energy too

Old elders at home need special care. Often they too behave like adult refusing to take their milk or medicine. Gift them this marvellous magic mug and watch them look at with childlike fascination a the colour change. They are going to be overjoyed with this gift.

  1. For your dad’s morning cheer

Early morning are buy and dad are always tense while leaving for the office. They need to get their daily dose of protein and pep and this can come only from a mug of hot coffee. But busy dads don’t have time to even drink this coffee down. Get your dad to take time for himself and get refreshed with a mug of hot coffee by offering it in this magic mug. the few minutes spent in watching the magic occurs in the mug I enough to give your dad a refreshing break.

  1. For your mom’s happy hour

Moms are always extra -special. They buy themselves taking care of the home and kids. They too need some energy and alone -time to recoup themselves. Gift your Mom a marvellous magic mug with a loving message. Watch her beam with pleasure as she drinks her mug of hot tea in the evening while watching this message appear. This marvellous magic mug shows your love and concern for your Mom and will give her some extra energy to face the day.

  1. For your boss

Always at loggerheads with your boss? Cool him down by gifting him/her this marvellous magic mug imprinted with the message “the boss is always right!” Never again will you be at his receiving end!  You will top his favourite list from today!

  1. Your spouse

Spouses are the first one to get annoyed at you and it is all for good reason as they love you the most. Whenever you have a tiff with your husband or wife, gift them this marvelous magic mug imprinted with a heart symbol and cool them down!

  1. How about you?

Don’t you need your own marvelous magic mug? You do! After all, you need to take care of yourself first to care about others. Get your favourite photo, image, quote or cartoon printed on the magic mug. Get ready to start the day with a cup of hot coffee in this magic mug, feeling refreshed and revived!

Marvelous magic mugs are the latest wonder in the market that can delight you with their disappearing colour and emerging images. Get one for your loved ones today from experts who will give lasting quality for lifetime results.