Benefits of being a member at Chelsea


The start of the 2018-19 season is quickly approaching, meaning supporters are rushing to get their hands on Chelsea football tickets and the most popular way of doing so over the years has been to buy a True Blue Membership at the club.

Every Premier League club offers a Membership to their fans as a way of selling football tickets and getting as many different fans from all over the world to their stadium to watch the team play as possible over the course of a season, and each Membership comes with its own benefits.

Chelsea’s season ticket is one of the most expensive in the country, with the cheapest still costing a hefty £750 and the most expensive at £1250, and the club’s Chelsea football tickets for single games are also considered fairly steep.

The dearest football ticket for a single match costs £85 at Stamford Bridge, whilst the cheapest is still at a high £45, compared to the £26, £9, £35, £31 and £20 charged by their fellow ‘Bix Six’ clubs in the Premier League – the staggering £9 at Anfield for 500 Liverpool fans at each match living in the L postcode.

Once dates are confirmed for different matches, members are the first to know about the football tickets that are on sale so they have more of a chance to scoop up their seats that season ticket holders don’t own before non-members can get their hands on them.

On top of this, True Blue members at Chelsea also receive a generous £5 off all match football ticket purchases, whilst non-members have to pay full price – which makes the amount you have to pay to actually become a member all the more worth it.

There are six different types of memberships: Ticket Only (£26, two-year £48), Magazine (£36), Original (46) for teens (£22), juniors (£22) and the disabled – giving a wide range of supporters the chance to claim their Chelsea football tickets.

The Ticket Only Membership simply gives fans priority access to football tickets, as well as costing £5 less than when non-members purchase them. If you want a monthly magazine delivered to your door as well as those benefits, then the Magazine Membership is the one for you at just £10 more.

At £46, the Original Membership is the most expensive. For that price, you get a Yearbook, a member’s DVD, member’s calendar and member’s pen, as well as the priority and discounted Chelsea football tickets.

Enough about home games… let’s talk away games. There’s another large benefit lying here as well, with members getting a guaranteed 40% away ticket allocation at all Chelsea fixtures on the road throughout the season.

Those away games at the likes of Manchester United and Manchester City are where the most sought-after football tickets are available, which links to the next benefit – loyalty points.

The member’s loyalty system means the most loyal supporters can accumulate points at every fixture they attend, so the ones with the most can get priority for the more popular online football tickets such as European clashes and FA Cup semi-finals and finals, as well as other trips to Wembley Stadium for the Community Shield and League Cup.

Of course, the biggest benefit though is to watch one of the world’s biggest clubs in action in the English capital and it’s likely The Blues will once again be competing for the highest honours next season so it’d be crazy if you were to miss out!