5 Cricket Accessories Every Cricketer Should Have


It is only with the help of right accessories that you can enjoy cricket to the fullest. Read this post to know five accessories that every cricketer should have.

From preventing cricket injuries to improving your performance, there are a number of reasons why you should invest in good-quality accessories as a sports enthusiast. And if the sport is as demanding as cricket, the importance of accessories magnifies further.

To keep up with the demands of the players, manufacturers now offer a wide range of accessories for playing cricket. But is it necessary to invest in all the accessories? Not really, but there are a few that every cricketer should definitely have.

Here is a list of 5 must-have accessories for cricketers-

  1. Bat and Ball

Needless to say, the most important accessories for playing cricket are bat and ball. Cricket bats are available in many different materials, sizes, weights, handles, and grips.

Similarly, there are different types of cricket balls too. You have soft tennis balls, hard tennis balls, leather balls, and a few other options. You can select the right bat and ball based on your requirements, experience, and budget.

  1. Cricket Helmet

With regards to the safety, one of the most critical pieces of accessory for batsmen is the helmet. Many different types of materials like carbon fibre, fibreglass, ABS plastic, high-density foam, and steel are now used for making cricket helmets.

The helmets are available in different sizes to perfectly fit your head. When buying, focus on the shell, grill, padding, and chin strap of the helmet.

  1. Batting Gloves

As a batsman, your hands are more susceptible to injuries as compared to any other part of your body. Wearing batting gloves is one of the best ways to protect your hands. Many different types of leather or cotton/PVC material is used for making cricket gloves.

The gloves too are available in many different sizes. For sweat absorption when playing in hot/humid conditions, there are also inner gloves which can be worn under the batting gloves.

  1. Cricket Shoes

Just like every other type of sports, there are special shoes for cricket as well. The cricket shoes have durable rubber outsoles or outsoles with spikes for added traction.

Comfortable upper with adequate ventilation and cushioning midsoles are two other important considerations when buying cricket shoes.

  1. Guards and Pads

Guards and pads are also essential cricket accessories as they significantly enhance the safety of the players. There are now many different types of such products available in the market.

Most batsmen at least wear thigh guard, groin guard, batting pads, chest guard and arm guard. If you’re planning to buy these guards and pads, make sure that you buy them from a reliable brand.

Other Important Accessories

Apart from the accessories listed above, some other essential accessories are cricket kit bag, clothing, hat, bails, and stumps. If you’re serious about cricket and the sport is more than just a hobby for you, these are the accessories that you should definitely consider buying. Buy these accessories online and select a store that offers all of these products for enhanced convenience.